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Looking for beauty in the small things around us while exploring the nature of realistic representation has led me back and forth between painting flowers and figurines. These oil paintings unite the two subjects using a treatment which draws its inspiration from both illustration and old master painting techniques.

Compared to my previous paintings, these ones call more attention to the the process of creating the image and the materials used to do so. The subject might appear to float magically within the framed space, but the stained canvas and visible brushstrokes are constant reminders that it's a painting you're looking at. Compositions are created which breathe life and personality into the figures while making the paintings themselves objects of beauty.


Gallery 4
Brown-eyed Susans Perspicacity Walking on Sunshine Diversion
Spirit Oso Easy Italian Ice Calamity Jane Red Tulips
Rose XI Resonance Three Roses Friends
Jazz Graham Thomas Fetch Miss Congeniality Unclothed
Ocotillo Friend Canna Lilly Conviction
Buffalo Bill Miss Congeniality Contemplation Rainbow Sorbet
Symphony Splendiferous Rose II Ragtime Band
Rose VIII Spanish Foxglove Rose XII Cymbidium Orchids

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